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    1. CDDRCofficials visit TWS Chengdu


      January 23, Chen Rong, Deputy Director ofChengdu Investment Promotion Committee, Wu Ying, Chief Engineer of ChengduDevelopment and Reform Committee, as well as representatives and relevantexperts of Chengdu Commerce Committee and New Economy Commission and otherdepartments paid a visit to Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company for inspection and survey.Vicegovernor of Shuangliu District People's Government, Secretary of Party WorkingCommittee of Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone and Director of ManagementCommittee, Zeng Hu, and Zhang Yading, Deputy Director of the Shuangliu DistrictInvestment Promotion Bureau, accompanied Cheng for the visit, and received warmwelcome from Zhou Dan, Chief Financial Officer of Tongwei Solar.

      group photo

      In the reception hall of the S2 cell productionworkshop, Mr. Zhou Dan introduced to the guests the company's capacity scale,development status, leadership care, qualifications and honors, and futureplanning. Subsequently, Chen Rong visited the workshop to fully understand thereal-time operation of "intelligent factory" and "unmannedworkshop".


      During the visit, deputy director Chen Rong highlyappreciated the rapid development of Tongwei solar energy in recent years. She showedconfidence in the future development of Tongwei’s new energy business. Shehoped that the company would make further efforts to maintain its advantages, dowhat it can to the development of new energy industry in Shuangliu District, builda hundred billion-grade photovoltaic Industrial Park and create a better futuretogether.

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