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    1. Flextronics delegation visits TWS Chengdu


       January 29, financial director ofFlextronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhou Lisong and his delegation paid avisit to Tongwei Solar, and received warm welcome from Xiao Shengyi, executivevice general manager of Tongwei Solar Chengdu.

      group photo

      In the reception hall of the S2 cellproduction workshop, Mr. Xiao introduced to Mr. Zhou Lisong and his colleaguesthe company's capacity scale, development status, leadership care,qualifications&honors and future planning. Subsequently, Director ZhouLisong and his team visited the workshops to understand the real-time operationof the "intelligent factory" and "unmanned workshop".During the visit, General Xiao further introduced Tongwei Solar's developmentplan in "intelligent manufacturing".


      Director Zhou Lisong and histeam gave full affirmation to the fully automated production line and efficientand tidy on-site management level of TWS Chengdu Company. They highly praised thecompany for its strategic layout, management innovation and development speed.They hoped that the two sides could cooperate more closely in the future andjointly explore the promising future of the development of photovoltaic newenergy.

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