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    1. TongweiGroup's strategic direction is to build world-class green energy and green foodsuppliers,the company will be committed to strengthen the core competitivenessof the play,through the consolidation of the leadingposition of the industry and build constantly enhance the value of the company. 

      In the new energy sector, Tongwei owns the production of high purity silicon in theupper part of the industrial chain, the production of high-efficiency solarcells in the middle, and the construction and operation of a photovoltaic powerstation integrated with yuguang at the terminal. Tongwei solar is located in the middle reaches ofthe new energy industry chain of tongwei photovoltaic, mainly specializing inthe production of solar cells. 

      In 2-3 years,Tongwei Solar's capacity of high-effective crystalline silicon cells will reach 30GW with the construction of Hefei,Chengdu and Meishan base. Tongwei solar is forging ahead to world-class PV manufacturer and clean energy enterprise.

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