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    1. Tongwei Culture

      Starting from the establishment of ‘Yongshou Compound Fish Feed Plant’, Tongwei Group witnessed the 30 years of China’s reform and opening up. The company has grown into a conglomerate of over 110 branch/subsidiary companies, with its annual sales reaching RMB ¥40 billion, and brand value reaching RMB ¥11 billion.

      Tongwei will continue its healthy growth with its management philosophy of “honesty, trust, fairness and excellence” as well as the corporate mission of “striving for excellence, contributing to society.”Focusing on agriculture and new energy,the company strives to be known as the world-class supplier of healthy safe food and clean energy by enhancing its competitiveness through upstream integration into polysilicon manufacturing and solar photovoltaic industry, and finally realizes the vision of working ‘for a better life’.

      1.Culture Progress

      Pioneering stage 1982-1986

      Technology Innovation Quality

      Tongwei Group and its corp culture starts from the trial success of metal cage culture and the structure in running water streams in 1983, from when the company’s focus on technology and innovation remained and grew into the idea of ‘technology, innovation and quality’ as top priority.

      Initial stage 1987-1991

      Honesty Responsibility Vitality

      ‘Yongshou Compound Fish Feed Plant’ later became ‘Sichuan Tongwei Feed Co., Ltd.’, which treated every customer with honesty, and every formula with responsibility.

      Run-up stage 1992-2003

      Steadfast Development Standardized Management

      Scientific, standard and human oriented management helps to establish a fine image of valuing ‘quality, reputation, talent, culture, and management’, together forming Tongwei’s core competitiveness of ‘leading technique, superior quality, customer loyalty, and scientific management’.

      Take-off Stage   2004-present

      Culture Output Sustained Growth

      As Tongwei's reputation and scale increases, its corp culture grows towards a new phase of maturity and fast export. During new company setup and acquisition, Tongwei gradually formed clear and definite cultural idea incorporating ‘steadfast development, innovation, standard, efficiency’, as well as ‘seeking common ground, reserving differences ’ with sincere and win-win cooperation.

      2. Cultural Ideas

      Corporate culture

      Details determine success 

      Attitude determines height

      We are composed, confident, and persistent

      Honesty Trust Fairness and Excellence

      Tongwei people’s abiding faith is the same, yesterday, and today, and tomorrow

      Management philosophy
      Honesty Trust Fairness Excellence

      Honesty: Being sincere and candid
      Trust: Winning trust by credibility
      Fairness: Running business with fairness and legitimacy
      Excellence: Taking the lead with guaranteed excellence

      Corporate Objective

      Striving for excellence; Contributing to society

      Cultural ideas

      Corporate business behaviors should be responsible for employees, for customers and for the society.

      Individual behaviors should be responsible for himself, for others, and for the company.

      Corporate Missions

      Economic mission: Continuing a healthy growth and achieving elite status
      Social mission: Increasing social material wealth and improving life quality
      Cultural mission: Upholding healthy social values and advancing China’s cultural civilization


      Only after a corporate culture becomes a code of conduct with gradual influence for its staff; only after it has withstood the test of time and history and accumulated from routine work and corporate development, can it become the unique twist of the enterprise.

      Tongwei Vision

      Tongwei works for a better life 

      Tongwei Group perseveres in agriculture core business chain build-up to satisfy consumer needs of green healthy and quality assured products with ‘persistence’ and ‘sustained technique innovation’. We want to ensure that we offer a consistently high standard service to our customers and that as many people as possible are able to make use of our service. ‘Guaranteed Quality, Committed Service.’ This is Tongwei’s motto as well as customers’ appraisal. Tongwei works for a better life.

      Strategic positioning

      Strengthen Core business with business chain extension

      Seek diversified development with synergy and integration

      3. Management Ideas

      Drive Theory

      When you drive, you cannot go always with the same high speed. Running company is the same. Speed and risk control, along with comprehensive analysis is crucial. Steady development is the vitality for a company.

      Red Light Theory

      You can drive through a red light and several yellow lights and just get a few tickets on a short view. But it is possible that you might suffer a severe crash one day because of these rule violations. Our legitimate business is not for showing how noble we are, but for the enterprise’s internal stability and its foundation for long-term survival. Only the enterprise itself, the company’s products and its staff are consistent in ethical and legal levels can the company be recognized by society.

      0.9 To The Tenth Power Theory

      90% of the business well done is already good enough? But what is the result of 0.9 to the tenth power? After ten steps, the remaining result is just about 0.35. This works for either an individual or a company when we want to accomplish anything. Only with erudition, staidness, and persistence, can we achieve anything that other people are capable of doing.

      The Chain Theory

      Our work consists of a lot of internal links and steps, like a chain, one affecting the other. The deviation at one link could directly affect the operation of the whole.

      Three Decisions

      Efficiency determines profit

      Details determine success

      Speed determines life or death

      4. Code of Conduct












      Work with heart

      Work with wisdom

      Work with the spirit of seizing every minute

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