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      TW Solar focuses on development and manufacture of core products of PV industry and its promotion. Currently, as the largest PV silicon cell manufacturer, TW Solar has three bases located in Hefei, Chengdu, Meishan.


      Estimated capacity is 20GW in 2019


      Sales volume has reached 18GW since beginning


      Operation rate is 100%


      Release Date Products Type Price(per Watt)
      2019-05-25 Poly cell DW156.75/157 ¥0.90
      2019-05-25 Poly cell Black silicon 156.75/157 ¥0.96
      2019-05-25 Mono perc cell Bifacial 156.75 ¥1.21
      2019-05-25 Mono perc cell 156.75 ¥1.22
      2019-05-25 Mono perc cell Bifacial 158.75 ¥1.24
      2019-05-25 Mono perc cell 158.75 ¥1.25
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